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Buhler Recreation Park Policy

2019 Admission Fees

Adults: $3.00 per person/ per day

Children (under 18yr) are FREE!

Park Policies

1. During regular park operating hours, parking is available in designated lots only. Anyone parked in fire lanes, boulevards or roads will be towed at the owners expense. Buhler Recreation Park assumes no liability for theft, or damage to vehicles. Vehicle owners park at their own risk.

2. Pets are welcome to be with you on your visit to the park.  However, they must be on a leash during the visit.  Pet owners are also responsible for any cleanup of their pet's waste.  Due to Health Department regulations, NO PETS are allowed on our patio area.  Our patio is a food service area.

3. No outside food or beverage of any kind may be brought into the Buhler Recreation Park, although one sealed bottle of water or sports-aid is acceptable.   Your support of our concessions is greatly appreciated and needed to meet the costs of the facility operation.  Any outside food and beverage will be confiscated, or the person(s) may be asked to leave the park.

4. Please do not warm-up by hitting balls into the fences around the fields.

Outside Alcohol Policy

1. Anyone found in the park with outside alcohol, will have the alcohol confiscated and will be asked to leave the park immediately.

2. If outside alcohol is found on the players bench the game will be immediately Forfeited and the offending party will be asked to leave the park. IF no one takes responsibility for the liquor in question, the whole team will be asked to leave the park and will be forced to forfeit their games that day.

3. Drinking in the parking lots will result in loss of playing and spectating privileges at the park.

4. Depending on the circumstance, there will be an added suspension from the park and/or league and a fine may be charged. The length and amount of the fine or suspension will be decided on due to the circumstances of each incident.

Alcohol use requirements

- All alcohol purchased at the park, must be consumed in the designated areas.  When alcohol is purchased in between the softball quads, it must be consumed there.