Welcome to Buhler Recreation Park

Message to all leagues that play out of Buhler Recreation Park

Starting Monday, September 6, 2021 you must be double vaccinated to enter the park whether playing or spectator. Unvaccinated children under 12yr are allowed in on a 1 to 1 ratio with a fully vaccinated guardian. Anyone over 12yr must be vaccinated. We know that this is not the best news but to play this is the way it is.

There will be long line-ups at the gate so give yourself plenty of time to get through the gate. Please tell your teams they must have their Vaccination Card (preferred as it will speed the line along) or code on their phone along with a piece of government issued ID to prove that you are who appears on the vaccination card.

Remind your teams the people at the gate did not make the rules but are tasked with enforcing them. So a little smile and a thank-you goes a long way in making a bad situation better.

Thanks for your understanding in these stressful times and let us get to the end of season in a safe and friendly manner.

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    Buhler Recreation Park has ball diamonds available for softball and baseball tournaments; and athletic fields for soccer, flag football, ultimate sports and field lacrosse.

    Space is available for company picnics, outdoor activities or other events. Space is available for community group use of the facilities.

    Field and tournament bookings for the 2022 season are now being accepted. Contact Steve for more information.

    Today at the Park