Buhler Recreation Park Todays Status

The Event Calendar will be updated by 4:30 pm on event day

Today's Park events are listed on the right side of most of the Buhler Recreation Park web pages. The status of events will be updated by 4:30pm on event day.

After 4:30pm, events which are NOT going as scheduled will have a note appended to indicate their status (for example - cancelled, delayed for a time). Under some circumstances, events which are still on may also have a note (for example - delayed 1hr or - still on).




The graphic to the left shows a sample park event status. In the sample, one event is re-sheduled until a later date, another is still on and the last shown is delayed to a specified time.

In 2020, Buhler Recreation Park is hoping for dry fields and moderate temperatures for all events. In this case there will not be much in the way of notes after the event title.


Let the games go on!

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