Welcome to the 2023 season of the Buhler Recreation Park! As we approach the season, we are hopeful that we are going into a normal season! As always, the board and management of the Buhler Recreation Park strive to make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience.

Over the last few years with Covid and flooding, the park has suffered a significant financial shortfall with all of the restrictions and late start to the season and cancelations of various tournaments and events. With that said we managed to weather through but are hoping for normal years to come and as always, we appreciate and depend on your support.

Since Covid this is the first year we will be seeing a significant return in staff so you will be seeing some of the same wonderful faces at the park this year! But as always, we are still looking to hire for full time maintenance positions and part time canteen workers. If you are interested or know someone that would fit in with our group, please send a resume to admin@buhlerrecpark.com.

This year the World Police and Fire Games will be coming to Winnipeg and Buhler Recreation Park! We will be hosting the soccer and softball portion of the games which run from July 28 – August 6, 2023. This is a free event for spectators so come on down and cheer the athletes on! This event is the second biggest sporting event in the world only behind the summer Olympics when it comes to athlete participation. Over 70 different countries from around the world will be participating in the games and it will be a showcase event for the entire province of Manitoba. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please email steve@buhlerrecpark.com.

Thanks to grants from the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba, we will be doing site improvements during the year. At the end of our last season diamond resurfacing commenced and will be finished before play begins for the 2023 season. This will hopefully make the diamonds more playable after a rain event but at the beginning of the season the diamonds will play softer but as time goes on they will firm up. As soon as the frost is gone from the ground, we plan to have the dugouts concreted which should take about a week to complete. We ask for your patience during this time but remember short term pain for long term gain. In the canteen you will hopefully see faster food service as we will be installing two new deep fryers. The hopes is that these deep fryers will be solely to cook French fries which will help those with gluten intolerances have another option for food at the park!

The park continues to evolve every year as observed by the trees that are beginning to populate the grounds. Each year we do try to make cosmetic appearance improvements that sometimes are not noticeable at first but in a year or two they mature and enhance the overall appearance of the park. The volunteer board who oversees the park is proud of the work they do. If you do have any suggestions on improvements you would like to see at the park, don’t hesitate to see Steve or contact him at steve@buhlerrecpark.com and he will be happy to discuss them with you.

Let’s hope that we all have a safe, memorable and fun 2023 season.


the Staff and Management of Buhler Recreation Park


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