Frequently Asked Questions

Buhler Recreation Park is located in South Transcona, Winnipeg.  The address is 135 Murdock Road, which is 0.5km south of Dugald Road.  Coming from the Highway #1, turn North at Tinker town, which will take you to Murdock Road.

The Buhler Recreation Park is run by a charitable, non-profit organization called East Winnipeg Sports Association which has a management agreement with the City of Winnipeg.  The Buhler Recreation Park is on city-owned land and the property is still owned by the City.

The Buhler Recreation Park was built to address the east side of Winnipeg’s recreation needs and to service the growing demand for quality recreational services.

The East Winnipeg Sports Association (EWSA) is a volunteer citizens group comprised of the areas four community clubs, five adult recreation groups, three community at large members, and the areas elected officials.  These volunteers planned and developed the park and are in charge of its day to day operations.

The park relies on user fees, admission fees, sponsorships and donations.

Fees and rates go up for a number of reasons, some of which are the rise in minimum wage, cost of items such as fuel, fertilizers, herbicides, insurance, property damage, theft, loss of revenue due to patrons bringing in outside alcohol and food and the rise of overall cost of goods from suppliers.

To make a contribution to the Buhler Recreation Park call the park office at 204-777-BALL (2255) or e-mail Steve at Charitable tax receipts will be issued for any donations over $10.

The park is always looking for volunteers who can bring their expertise and enthusiasm to the operations of the park.  Board members (community at large) are elected every year at our annual general meeting which is held in either March or April. The date of this meeting will be advertised on our website and at various places throughout the community.  To volunteer please call the park office at 204-777-BALL (2255) and someone will be happy to help you.

Yes, there is an admission fee to enter the park, whether it is driving or walking in.  This Admission fee is used for the upkeep and operation of the park and is set yearly by the board to cover the park’s operating costs.  The field rentals and user fees do not cover the entire costs.

The Buhler Recreation Park is 150 acres and is the biggest volunteer run multi-use/multi-season run park of its kind in Canada. The park has 8 softball diamonds, a hardball diamond, 4 athletic fields, over 5kms of nature trails and a will have a BXM track in the future.

The park has enough parking to accommodate 800 cars.

Buhler Recreation Park accommodates a wide variety of activities.  They include softball, hardball, soccer, flag football, ultimate sports, field lacrosse, walking, jogging, tobogganing, skating, cross-country skiing, we also have fireworks and other activities during the year for special events.

The management park board is working on bringing sand volleyball courts, 3 on 3 basketball courts, and a playground to the park.  A full outdoor education nature program is being created for the park.

To find out if your game is cancelled, please listen to CJOB sports at 5:25pm or check our website, we post the day’s games cancellations on the home page at 4:30pm.

Yes, there is a full service canteen at the park as well as a food cart that goes to all areas of the park during games.  There are washrooms in the canteen area and porta-potties between the softball quads and at the athletic fields.  Additional facilities are also set up for large events.

Yes, people can purchase liquor at the canteen as well as at mini bars set up at the softball quads and athletic fields during larger events.  

Unfortunately there is not a cash machine on site, but our canteen does take interact at a service fee of $0.50 per transaction.

No, Law prohibits drinking alcohol or tailgate parties in our parking lot, local police do patrol our lots and anyone found drinking outside alcohol will be asked to leave the park and suspended for one year.

No, there is no outside food or alcohol allowed into the Buhler Recreation Park. Staff may ask to look inside bags, since it is prohibited by law to bring outside alcohol into a licensed facility.  Any outside liquor will be confiscated and the person may be asked to leave.  League and tournament organizers will be informed and different leagues do suspend player and spectators from the league and the park for violations of this rule.

Buhler Recreation park hires canteen staff, liquor servers, ticket takers, and maintenance people. When does Buhler Recreation Park Hire Staff? We hire new staff in April of each year.

To apply for a position at the Buhler Recreation Park, please e-mail your resume to or and someone will contact you.

We are currently accepting bookings for the 2024 season, to book a field, please call the park office at 204-777-BALL (2255) or e-mail Steve at

Yes, we have many options for companies interested in holding an event at the park; please call the park office at 204-777-BALL (2255) for more information.

The office number is 204-777-BALL (2255) and the fax number is 204-222-1654.


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