The Board of Directors and Staff of the Buhler Recreation Park, welcome you back for the 2015 season.

The 2015 season is looking to get a better start than the 2014 season as there was significantly less snow over the winter. Looking back at the 2014 season, we were able to do many site enhancements that improved playing conditions and your overall visitor experience at the park. Some of these improvements included releveling all of the baseball diamonds, calcium treating the roadways, and retoping some of the pathways.

Looking forward to the 2015 season, we anticipate offering our patrons the same high quality level of playing conditions and park experience that they have become accustomed to receiving.

Some of the challenges that we anticipate as the year moves forward is the introduction of the new pesticide ban that the province has introduced. We will be working with our suppliers to find the right mix of products to keep the weeds and dandelions to a minimum. This year will be a trial and error period but we are confident that we will be able to handle this situation.

As always, weather is either our best friend or our worst enemy. With Mother Nature's help we hope that mosquitoes and bugs will be kept to a minimum and that we will have a drier season than 2014.

This year, Buhler Recreation Park will be hosting numerous championships at the city and provincial level. These include the Peewee Girls Provincial Softball Championships, the Manitoba High School Soccer Championships, along with many High School Zone Championships.

The big event for the year is the Canadian Native Fastball Championships that will be held July 31st- August 2nd. Over 5000 spectators and athletes from across Canada will be coming to the Buhler Recreation Park to contest their annual championship. This championship is a tremendous event not only for Buhler Recreation Park but the entire City of Winnipeg. It is expected to bring $10-12 million of economic spinoff to the hotel, restaurant, and entertainment facilities throughout Winnipeg. The caliber of play will be second to none and the cultural awareness of the event will be inspiring.

If anyone would like to volunteer for this event please contact Steve at 204-777-2255. There are many opportunities available and we will find something suitable for you.

The board of directors, Steve (Facility Manager), Michael (Park Superintendent), Chelsea (Operations Manager), along with all the staff would like to thank you again for your past patronage to the park. We look forward to serving you in the 2015 season and hope that the weather is in our favor!


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