Welcome to the 2020 season of the Buhler Recreation Park! As we approach the season we are faced with uncertain times. As always the board and management of the Buhler Recreation Park strive to make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience. With that being said, we will not begin the season until we have the approval of local, provincial and federal bodies that will determine the safety of our patrons.

Upon resumption of the 2020 season we will go into a full operational start up mode to try and bring our full 167 acre park back to what our users have come to expect. Patience at the beginning will be needed as it will take us time to train our new staff and to perform our regular maintenance.

This year we are anticipating as always a full schedule with our existing leagues and tournament bookings, along with some new events that will be joining our schedule. With last year’s rain in September and early snow in October it will take us a little extra time to complete our standard maintenance requirements but that should not affect the playability of the fields.

We are anticipating this year to refurbish and overseed the soccer fields, do dugout maintenance, and some trail enhancement projects. All of these projects do rely on the cooperation of the weather but we do anticipate to have them all completed in the 2020 season. As we begin our 13th season of operation the park has grown every year and continues to attract local, provincial, and national championships in various sports as well as corporate and community events.

The park continues to evolve every year as observed by the trees that are beginning to populate the grounds. Each year we do try to make cosmetic appearance improvements that sometimes are not noticeable at first but in a year or two they mature and enhance the overall appearance of the park. The volunteer board who oversee the park is proud of the work they do. If you do have any suggestions on improvements you’d like to see at the park don’t hesitate to see Steve or contact him at steve@buhlerrecpark.com and he will be happy to discuss them with you.

Let’s hope the season starts sooner rather than later and that we all have a safe and memorable 2020 season.


Staff and Management of Buhler Recreation Park


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